Strathmore Cricket Club History

In 2004, Strathmore CC celebrated 150 years of organised cricket in Forfar where, many years ago, an excerpt from the Dundee Courier once told of "young men practising every night and morning in the Market Muir".

The earliest reference to Strathmore Cricket Club occurs in 1862 and the move to Lochside, one of Scotland's most attractive grounds, was made in 1873. Originally part of the Glamis estate, the ground was purchased from the District Council in 1983.

Apart from the 1914-18 war, the Club has competed locally and more recently, nationally. In 1929 it became a founder member of the Strathmore Union, a league which it won no fewer than twenty times between 1946 and 1983. The following year the Club joined the Counties' Championship, which it won in 1994.

In addition to league successes, Strathmore won the Scottish knock-out competition, the Rothman Quaich, in 1971. This is generally considered the club’s greatest achievement.

In 1998 the Scottish National Cricket League (S.N.C.L.) was founded, with Strathmore participating in Division One. In 2002 Strathmore were sadly relegated from the S.N.C.L. into the Strathmore Union.

Since 2003 Strathmore’s 1st XI have experienced mixed fortunes in the top flight of the Strathmore Union finishing mid-table on a few occasions. A few good seasons have however been had competing up at the top; the best of these being in 2007 when the league and 3 Counties Cup double was achieved. This success provided Strathmore the possibility of a return to national league cricket. Unfortunately, Strathmore were well beaten in the SNCL playoff.

Down a couple of leagues, Strathmore’s 2nd XI plays in Division 2 of the Strathmore Union and has done so since gaining promotion from Division 3 in 2006.

Strathmore also operates a midweek XI. This was established in 2009 in order to guarantee matches for 2nd team fringe players and also to introduce players from the junior section to senior cricket.

The club has a long established junior section which over the years has produced many talented players and hopefully will continue to do so, safe-guarding the future of Strathmore. Strathmore currently runs teams at all age-levels within the Strathmore Union.